Answers to Your Q’s

The short answer: No.

The long answer: Don’t get us wrong, we love a good logo, but there is just so much more to branding. Branding is the way your audience sees your business and how it gets recognition.

With branding, a logo is only one part of a greater whole that consists of strategy, values, mission and vision, tone and voice, and visual identity (such as logo alternates, color palette, typography, photography, video, illustration, etc.).

We can assure you that none of this stuff is “extra” but rather essential to develop the right brand to meet your goals.

We typically book projects 1-3 months ahead of your ideal project start date.

Keep in mind, that most projects start at a minimum 3-week turnaround time.

Brand Identity projects typically take about 3-5 weeks.

Brand + Website projects take about 9-12 weeks.

All other projects are determined at the time of inquiry but typically start at 3 weeks.

These are starting timelines and are subject to change depending on the specific needs of your project.